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I didn't even notice that line until you mentioned it. I don't think most people will notice it, but it will probably bother you because you'll always see it.


I didn't notice the line either:-)I haven't heard the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald in a long time, you're right bad karma. It is going to be beautiful though!


I read this before going to bed last night, and do you have any idea how hard it is to go to sleep when you have "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" stuck in your head? Oy.

I don't see the line you're talking about on the first sweater, unless it's that lighter brown line? Not that noticeable, but then it's not my sweater.

Love the mitered-square mittens - very cool.


I suppose Bermuda is right out??

Won't doing the 2nd mitten on 0s cause a size difference?

Hope you're feeling better!!


What line?

Love the Biffle Blue!


Wow, great mitten!


The line does not exist. Maybe you should get your eyes checked ;-) I love the BFL sweater - too cute with the goldfish!


I can't see the line. At all. No line. The sweater is looking really, really nice. The mittens are really nifty, and the handspun is so lustrous I thought it was silk.

The Not Fitzgerald is utterly gorgeous! I have biffle envy.


I actually like 'Fitz' because it makes me think of that adorable Patrick Fitzgerald...


omg omg omg those deep sea colors are too gorgeous! did you navaho ply it?


It took me a long time to see any line at all in your sweater. But, if it's you're still hating it, could you strategically duplicate st a couple of sts with some of the darker shade of yarn to disguise it? The mittens look great! If your gauge is right with the 00, stick with them--just do 1 square a day or something. They'll still be done by Feb. ;) Love the Deep Sea sweater! Sorry, no clever names from me.


I can't see a line, but I don't know what I'm looking for!

How about Bob?


Well, you could always call it "Jack Sparrow," but I suppose that has connotations of its own. ;-) Beautiful, beautiful color, Kerry, and nicely spun. The fish are a hoot!

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