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The silk skein is the cat's meow! It looks like you had lots of fun with the rovings - the colours are great! Can't wait to see how they look spun up.


::gasp:: You have some stunningly gorgeous colors there, missy! When does the dye business open?!? I love *all* of them!


omg, i LOVE your colors! how did you get the roving to not be all compacted?

and me organized, now that is the laugh of the century ;-)


BEEEEEE-UUUUUUU-TTTTTTT-FUL!!!!! I love those colors!!!!! Note to self -- gotta try this!


Very nice! I have some roving that would be fun to dye but it takes a whole morning alone in the house and when does THAT happen?


Wow, all new colors to celebrate! I hope you enjoy the spinning as much as the dyeing. I admit, I'm not as into spinning silk as I was into dyeing it...hmmm. Maybe I'll morph into the mood later on?


Gorgeous colors!! I think the dyeing bug has caught a lot of us lately! I hope you show the resulting yarn too!


I've had good luck with making 13 stitch wide arrowhead lace scarves with limited amount of yarn - they look cool and the yarn goes a long way because of the lace.

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