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Maureen in Fargo

Hey Kerry!

How about Ole and Lena?...I couldn't resist!



I still kind of like Tony and Cleo. They're a very pretty pair. I hope they fill the hole in the universe and soothe your heart.


How about Golding and Forrester, or Tabachek, or Avi, or Mielke... :)


Oh, I'm sorry that your parakeet died. It is lonely when they are gone, so I'm glad you now have new family members! Hopefully everyone will become friends sooner rather than later.

I don't have any interesting names to contribute, but I *love* the idea of the "pair o' Keats"! I think I would go with that one, which would not surprise anyone who knows me ...


Sorry to hear about Lairy. :( But the new parakeets are absolutely gorgeous! Hmmm - how about Dawn and Dusk? Both times of day when you might see such lovely shades of pink/rose in the sky.


can you dye roving that color?
jonathan and jennifer (hart to hart)?


Tristan and Isolde?
Abelard and Eloise?
Scarlett and Rhett?


Heehee - I went through seeking paired names when I got our 1999 edition pair o' cats. Bonnie and Clyde? For a Baltimore connection, Betsy and Jerome? Barney and Betty? Lucy and Ricky? For some reason I am leaning toward sillier names rather than romantic names. Harry and Sally?


From the two you posted, I vote for John and Fanny - but when I read the link on Chris' blog, the first thing I thought of was Desmond and Molly - from the old Beatles tune, Obladee, Oblada


Ok, their color first off is great! I don't remember seeing this color before! The first thing that came to mind for me was "grease" and the beauty school dropout scene....so i am suggesting "frenchie & rizzo" as their names! In hawaii we had an eclectis parrot named Nigel who was sweet but developed a bad habit of humping. Who'd of thunk!


How about Pinky Tuscadero and Arthur Fonzarelli (pinky and fonzie)?


Seymour and Audrey. We have a pair of blue and white parakeets and they are absolutely adorable together. I know the experts advise having only one if you want to teach them to talk, etc., but Juji (our male) was lonely (we think) while we were away at school, work, etc. Now that he has Sasha they preen, sing and flit about together all day long.


How about Mulder and Scully?

*I'm an X-files geek*

Those are seriously beautiful birds!


So sorry to hear about the loss of your parakeet!

I love the idea of a "pair o' Keats." How clever!

Joan K

Spencer and Katherine
(Tracy and Hepburn)
Elizabeth and Robert
Bogie and Bacall
Frankie and Johnny


Night 'n Gale?
Sweet birds. Give Rudy a consoling scritch from me.

Jeanne B.

Perry and Keeter. Or Keates.

Very sorry about Lairy.


I liked John and Fanny quite a bit! They are beautiful birds. I'm sorry to hear about Lairy's death...and I'm blanking on good names. However, I'd have to argue against Harry and Sally, since we're friends and my bird dogs, Harry and Sally, would be very bad news for your new birds! What about Robert and Clara, for the Schumanns? (they made lots of music together..) Or Frederic Chopin and George Sand? (Chopin and George, with George being the girl?) This is getting esoteric, I'll end here!


How about Scully and Mulder? (Though I do love John and Fanny.)


Kara and Pete


Gin & Tonic?
Cosmo & Polly(tan)?

I guess we know where my mind is tonight.

I like John and Fanny


Cute birds!

Everybody already had so many good ideas. I think I liked 'Pinky and Fonzie' and 'Dawn and Dusk' the best.

Jen Johansson

How about Carrie and Big, in honor of the movie coming out on Friday?

Seriously, those birds are a beautiful shade of pink. You need to open the cage and take a picture so I can see how gorgeous they really are.


All I can think of is

Beans and Rice.

Must be hungry....


we used to have a pair of bourkes...bully and abigail. they are a beautiful breed of bird and while i don't miss their mess, i do miss their song.

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