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Well - again - it's just beautiful!


Very lovely! However, that was probably melted nylon, as I don't think silk would melt (it loves being ironed, IIRC). Silky Wool has always had nylon in it but they didn't start labeling it as such until fairly recently.


Gorgeous! Thanks for the heads up on the Silky Wool, too. Hey, I just posted the socks I knit from the STR you sent me. :)


Tuscany is lovely! What a great job you did, and what an amazing gift. I'm glad the melting stuff didn't ruin such a gorgeous shawl.


very pretty! when I clicked on the photo to 'embiggen' it, I could really see what was going on with the pattern - nice! :)


It's lovely! I like that shawl a lot. I saw Amy knitting it in silk and it was gorgeous. So that's what I think: knit it in silk. :)






Beautiful! And beautiful work,as always from you. There's so much movement in that simple design. The shape is perfect. You could drape/wrap/swing/throw it in a hundred ways. You know, it would be lovely in handspun silk (hint, hint).


Beautiful! I'd really like to knit that someday...

Lisa S

I think that it will look beautiful on you, girl friend! I love that stitch...did a sweater in it a few years ago and the movement of the stitches are magical.
Hope that all is well and that you are having FUN.

Mary A.

Lovely shawl. Kudos indeed!
Have you given up blogging? It's been a loooooooooooong time since the last entry. Miss you!

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