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BOY! You've been busy!!!!!! Love the sweater and the shawl! Koigu is dreamy but teeny tiny knitting! Looks great!


Woohoo! Let the gifts begin! It looks great! How about a close-up of the buttons?

Yesterday was a lot of fun. Thanks for letting me hang out with you and all the fur/hair and feather beings.

~ Peace


Wohoooo! The Koigu sweater is beautiful! I like the eyelet rows in the yoke.

The twisted cable pattern really makes the colours in the STR pop.

I have a weakness for grey fiber too - all your skeins are lovely. This is a post worth waiting for!


That sweater is gorgeous! Heck, I'm impressed that you put on a wool sweater (no matter how light) yesterday. Love the shawl and the socks, too - you have been busy (and not just sneaking around setting up early morning birthday surprises!).


WOW - who took those amazing photos!! What fun to be part of the group yesterday. I sure hope to make it a regular thing (if I'm invited back?)


Wow, the sweater came out great! Aren't you glad to have the sweater instead of the WIP??? And I happen to like grey yarns...


The red sweater is quite an achievement. I bet you wear it till it falls apart. The shawl is dreamy, and I want to touch the socks. But what you had better put away under lock and key is your handspun. Absolutely luscious!! Great work, all of it.

Jen Johansson

Looks like I owe you some STR! Color preferences?

Congratulations on all of the beautiful FO's, doesn't it feel great to have those behind you?

As the fellow maker of koigu sweaters, let me tell you that one will last for MANY years. Well worth the investment of time and money!


Wowee! That's a lot of knitting--good for you with teh size #3 needle sweater. I hear you on that one--it takes forever! That gray yarn looks delicious. Enjoy. The knitting will probably be great. Hmmm, Maybe I should consider this knit for chocolate thing you have going on?!


Well, you know how much I love that red Koigu cardi! But, the shawl! It looks like sunshine! Socks and handspun--Mmmm, you have been busy!

I second the request for a closeup of the buttons.


wowsa on the red koigu!!!


Good words.


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