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Hey! :) I'm surprised you were able to stand upright in this wind long enough to fill your tank!

Pretty pretty socks. I love the Charade pattern - so simple and striking.


Nice sock collection, and Flyingdales/Fylingdales is looking spectacular! I bet you are secretly glad it snowed today so that you'll be able to wear this baby as soon as it's done.

I can't wait to see your Bruiser socks. We'll have to split another kit at Madrona this year.


$2.29!!!!! Whew, I may have to run to a co-worker's desk and tell him. He was acting all smug because we'd taken a lot of heat for a $2.50 prediction and it was finally there in the DC area!


Flydales looks great. Better get knitting on it because once that new wheel arrives, you aren't going to want to do anything but spin.

Mary in MN

Well, finally! A new blog post! I love your socks. Finishing socks is my major task these days.
Hope we can get together soon. I need a Kerry fix! Lunch???


Love the socks! Charade is especailly pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing Flyingdales in the rust. Mmmmmm.


I hope that when you and Mel are done with the socks, you will both do blog posts on the same day. One of her posts is three times as popular as four of mine. Or something.
I've had the heat on for a couple of weeks, so that it will warm the house in the mornings for a few minutes, and this week it's also run well into the evening because it's been so cold. But, no snow yet!


2.29? pinch me. it is about 40-50 cents higher here. i love the socks and that rusty sweater is going to look lovely on you.

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