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That is absolutely totally gorgeous. I would kill for that wheel.


I know exactly what you mean about the Senate race. It's killing me that 25,000 people submitted ballots with the Presidential race marked, but didn't fill out much else.

Congrats on the lovely new wheel!




Oh, wow!!! It's so gorgeous! Congrats. :)

Jen Johansson

What a lovely wheel! May she bring you YEARS of good spinning.


The new wheel is just breathtaking. The wood grain is gorgeous. What a treasure you have there! I wish you hours, days, years of happy spinning.


you could spin straw into gold with that wheel :-)


Oooooh *drool* So pretty!

I'm thrilled with the results of the presidential election! I cried when it was announced. I'm waiting on the recount for the senate race - it's *so* close, and I think they're still counting absentee ballots or something, since the totals have changed quite a bit today. It actually sounds like the results may be challenged anyway, due to some shadiness with translators.


MOG that's a gorgeous wheel. Going back to you FT post was next on my "look at over coffee" list, but I stumbled here first. And that wheel is soooooo beyond words.

BTW, I'm also glad I didn't hear anything on the news last night about a crazy woman attacking a UPS truck!


Very beautiful! I hope you enjoy it.


Can't wait to see it (and you!) in person. The red against the wood is just awesome.


That is one of the most beautiful spinning wheels I've ever seen - enjoy!


Your wheel was so worth the wait. Happy Spinning!


Congrats on the new addition to the family :-)

If you can tear yourself away from it and want to knit on Saturday, let me know.


Breathtaking wheel! She is so KERRY. Congratulations.


Hello, gorgeous! What a lovely wheel!!!


beautiful all 'round - the wheel, the handspun and the NEW PRESIDENT!! :)


Wow!!! That is truly beautiful!!!

Ditto on the senate woes....

Shelley Hermanson

That is simply breathtakingly gorgeous. Enjoy! You deserve it.

Lisa S

This wheel really is such an amazing work of art. Has she stopped being a literal pain for you to spin with? Do you treadle with both feetses, like a sewing machine? Still muttering about the flowers...

Hooray for us and our lovely president elect!

Mary in MN

I have just been drooling over your new wheel again. Since you have been spinning frog hair you must have her tamed, eh? What a beautiful creature she is.

How is Crockett coming along? Call when you have a minute! I hate to bother you.


i saw your pattern on knitty


i just found the writing endearing and wanted to tell you so. i, too, have recently discovered a fondness for orange. in particular, "natural sheepy colored yarn" gave me a grin.

thanks for that!


That is incredibly beautiful! Merry Christmas!

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