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AHHH! How scary. I'm so glad to hear it's an inner ear thing. Sounds like a horrible night. I've certainly had a few weird dog experiences, but this is new to me. Here's to hoping it clears up soon, and that Oakley continues to think it seems fun!


Sounds like a scary night. Poor Crockett, hope he feels better soon.

Mary in MN

So sorry about Crockett. But very glad it's not something life threatening. It's a bit like having kids, huh? I had many nights like that with the furless variety. Hope it all passes without further ado. Nice that Oakley thinks its a game! Hah!


Oh my - poor Crockett! Poor you. I'm glad it turned out to be something that should pass in a few weeks. But yikes.


Poor poor pup! I have never heard of this. Thanks for sharing and please keep up posted on Crockett's progress.

Mary in VA

Oh, my. My family has lots of dogs and I've never heard of this. Sounds like Crockett's in for a couple bad weeks, but thank goodness it goes away.


Please tell Crocket that Holli and I are sending "get well soon" wishes and licks! That does not sound fun at all - except for the part where it looked like a new game.


Poor sweetie! I'm glad that it is something that will clear up though, instead of something much more serious.

Give him a pat from me, and both of you try to take it easy as much as you can.


poor crockett! please give him a big hug for me.


Poor darlin' boy, and poor doggie mamma too. What a scare. I hope that is passes soon.


I hope he heals soon.


Oh how awful for both of you. Thank goodness for your good vet. Hugs to you both.

Lisa S

Awwwwwww, CROCKETTTTTTTT. He looks a little cross-eyed, too. If it hadn't been for the Vet being Greg House, you would have been sure that C-Man was a goner. I would have thought the same. Our old Blondie had a seizure a couple of times but snapped out of it...this is just so freaky. Glad to hear that although he is still a little tilty, he can maneuver. Maybe he needs gwasses...


Sorry this comment is so far after the fact, but I'm just catching up on my blog reading. I'm very familiar with this, as our dog Cody had the same thing a few years back. Very, very scary at first. Fortunately, it seems that it's relatively benign, and I'm sure your dog is much better by now. We ended up having to carry Cody outside to pee for at least a week or so. Interestingly, his head was always tilted a bit to one side after that, and he had a very difficult time making a left turn for the rest of his life. He would make big huge circles to try and turn left, or turn in a full circle to the right, depending on the circumstance. Once we realized that he wasn't in any discomfort, and he figured out what he had to do to make adjustments, all was fine. In fact, it was a little bit amusing to watch. :) Hope your little buddy is doing well.


Wow. Nice knitting.

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